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Not that far from here along a road,
where cars fly by,
is an abandoned graveyard.

The graveyard is partially fenced in,
and on it is one sign, one tree
and ..... one tombstone!

The grass is roughly cut,
the sign is simple,
the tree is full grown
and in a corner is the gray tombstone.

Why is there a graveyard
with one, lonely, tombstone?

At first I found it a depressive sight,
and thought it should be spruced-up
- the fence, the grass, the tree and the

But, then, I saw a wild flower in the
old fence, a butterfly dancing in the weeds,
some bugs crawling on the bark of the tree and
birds merrily singing in the giant tree.

... I saw the plain stone,
reminding me of what awaits us all,
and has happened to many -
some even known to me!

This plot of land, along the road,
is a kind of paradise
- let’s keep it that way -
and hopefully the cars will keep
... on flying by!

Matthijs van Gaalen Sr.
Mt. Brydges, Saturday, July 14, 2004

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Mount Brydges Cemetery - Wellington St.
& Madill Cemetery
Kellestine Cemetery



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Sacred Heart Cemetery &
Sacred Heart in the Fields Cemetery
Cook's Cemetery