We offer the CanSkate program for children 3 years of age and older. They meet twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. This program teaches basic skating skills and is the entry program to other programs offered by Skate Canada. There are always Professional Coaches on the ice with these children, teaching them in group lesson format. In the CanSkate Program, the fundamental movements: skating forward and backward, stopping, turning, spinning and jumping, are taught by Professional Coaches who are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program.

We also offer a continuation of our CanSkate 'Learn to Skate' program. Stages 3, 4, 5, and 6 are offered to skaters who wish to finish the CanSkate program. The program is delivered in a group setting with skaters who have passed stage 2. Our Junior sessions include circuits, theme days, incentives, and finishes the season with our annual Carnival for all our Junior's.

Next is Intermediate which is the first introduction to the Starskate program. Starskate offers the first look at the many disciplines of figure skating: Freeskate, Dance, and Skills. Skate Canada has created many new badges especially for the Starskate skater. This session is taught in both a group format and offers time for skaters to work on their own as well. Skaters will begin testing the Preliminary dances, and are evaluated on a scheduled test day by a judge. Skaters may wish to book private lessons with our Coaching staff to further their figure skating development.

Finally, our Senior program for all disciplines, testing Preliminary to Gold tests. Skaters are all independently working on the freeskate, dance, skills, and interpretive. Senior skaters must have passes in the Junior bronze Dances, Preliminary skills, or Preliminary Freeskate. Our coaching staff works with these skaters in private lessons to further their skating goals. Private lessons are arranged between the skater and their coach.

You can also visit us at our website Mt. Brydges skating club