All the information and pictures below came from Roger Schooley.

This is what he wrote to us.

         I came across your web site and decided to give you a note. I was born in Elkhart IN and now live the summer months south of Elkhart about 6 miles. My Father, Myles N. Schooley, worked at Crows as a mechanic and salesman until they went out of business in about 1923. He bought a new Crow from the company, and I have a picture of him in the car. I have some small parts and tools that he had kept. He sold the car around 1947 for $15, darn. The building where the Crows were built still exists or a part of it. Atwood Mobile Products is now the company that resides there. Glad to hear that you are interested in the Crows. I would sure like to find one at a reasonable cost, which probably is not possible.

A postcard of the old factory that is now an Atwood Mobile Products building.

A pamphlet from the Crow-Elkhart Company.

An article on the Crow-Elkhart company and its products.

A description of the "famed" multipowered engine.

Here are some pictures of Roger Schooley's dad in his new Crow Car.

Here is an article and picture featuring the Crow Car

Thanks to Roger for sharing his collection on the website.

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