Purchased the former dairy plant and created "William Bruinink/Hollandia Bakery"




The staff in 1954 - William Bruinink, Fred vandenWollenberg, Gerrit Schmidt,
Art Smink, Tony Bruinink, Henry Bruinink, Klaas Moes and the packing girls.
Please help us give them names.

The first addition in 1955
Notice the name




William Bruinink-Hollandia Bakery after the first addition
in 1955-1956 with the proud staff.
Mrs. Bruinink, William Bruinink, Gerrit Schmidt, _______,
_____, ______, Henry Bruinink, Tony Bruinink, Klaas Moes, _____________.

The new office.

Tony Bruinink behind his desk in the new office.